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What‘s TAGTHAi Pass?

All-you-can-travel Digital City Pass that allows you to visit all attractions, activities, and other listed benefits in just one price. TAGTHAi Pass is created by the collaboration between the Thai Government and the private sectors to level up Thailand’s travel.

How it Works?


Select your preferred destination & purchase TAGTHAi Pass (website or application)


Activate your pass on application when you are ready to use it (You have 24 hrs. to enjoy the pass after activated)


Show your TAGTHAi Pass QR Code on mobile to attractions or merchants you visit to redeem your benefit.


Have a wonderful time! Your journey to the land of joy and smile await. Experience Thailand like you always wanted to.

Where do I start?

3 quick steps to get you started on your journey to a wonderful Thailand


Pick Your Destination Pass

TAGTHAi offers a wide selection of "City Passes" and “Experience Passes” specific to destinations within Thailand. Each pass is filled with over +100 benefits and information to help you build your ideal destination itinerary.


The TAGTHAi Pass is a digital pass designed to make your trip to Thailand easier and more enjoyable.

This gives you the flexibility to build your own itinerary with free access to visit top attractions with over +100 benefits and tips to travel around Thailand. Moreover, you can find promotions and discounts on many things like food, massages, and even SIM cards for your phone.

This depends on each benefit place! Mostly, the vendors listed on TAGTHAi are available for all TAGTHAi visitors.

However, the reservation option will automatically show up after you make a purchase on the specific Pass. So, you can ensure that your itinerary is not disrupted by accessing the shop‘s details through TAGTHAi and communicating directly with them to confirm their availability.


Plan & Get Ready for Your Trip

After completing your TAGTHAi Pass purchase, you can begin searching for attractions and other benefits to redeem. All benefits listed are available to you only 24 hours.

Therefore, set and plan your trip ahead to make sure that the attractions you want to go are available on the day you activate the Pass.


TAGTHAi is available to download for free from the App Store and Google Play.

Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to create an account by entering your email address and birthday.

We‘ll send you the notification email with a VOUCHER CODE to redeem it on the TAGTHAi application. Once you redeem it, you can follow these next steps!

  1. Click the icon with ⬆️ (Up arrow key in it) to ‘ACTIVATE‘ your Pass.
  2. Explore the Benefits and Shops listed in your Pass.
  3. Select the Benefits or Shops that you want to use or visit.
  4. Go to the store and inform them that you are going to use TAGTHAi Pass.
  5. Show the QR code to the store - get it scanned.
  6. Enjoy your Pass!

Absoulutely Yes! The recommended routes are avaiable in each City Pass. But, if you don‘t like it, you can set your own trip by selecting any attractions, activities, including food and beverages provided in the Pass.


Explore Thailand Your Way

Thailand is a beautiful country and has something special waiting for you. Take your time, and tailor your own trip with TAGTHAi Pass and make your Thailand trip the most memorable one.


Set your trip ahead and make a reservation if needed. Then, activate your TAGTHAi Pass on the day you plan to travel. You can enjoy all benefits provided in the TAGTHAi Pass, but please remember that the pass are available only 24 hrs.

Enjoy traveling in Thailand at the valuable price. The TAGTHAi Pass supports you to manage your travel budget, but still gets you into popular attractions, throws in extras like hidden eateries or spa treatments - all for one price.

Therefore, if you plan on visiting multiple places in one day, the TAGTHAi Pass is perfect to set your day trip. Just show your QR code, then skip waiting in line to buy tickets and enjoy your travel!

The TAGTHAi Pass offers a diverse range of activities, from cultural trips to thrilling adventures.

By opting for e-tickets, you can tailor your itinerary on the go. Whether you‘re in the mood for culture or café hopping in Bangkok or diving in the blue sea of Phuket, you have freedom to choose and set the trip at your convenience.

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