Phuket Day Pass

3 Day

95.18 USD

1 Day

46.57 USD

Phuket Day Pass

Phuket Day Pass offers you a broad range of outdoor activities for escape to the beach hideaway of Thailand! Rush your adrenaline a little bit at Hanuman World Zipline and soar through the air above the jungle. This Pass also includes your day trip at Banana Beach Koh Hey, where you can lay down and relax, or just go with the flow and join all kinds of activities on this paradise!


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3 Days

Normal Price

Banana Beach

69.70 USD

The Raintree Spa

45.45 USD


8.33 USD

Sugar Dark Cafe

6.48 USD

Hanuman World

75.45 USD

Sansabai Massage & Spa

13.64 USD

Cherna 88

6.06 USD

Yum Saab Ver (Halal)

6.97 USD

Kopi de Phuket Cafe & Restaurant Local Foods

4.85 USD

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

27.27 USD

Total price without Pass 264.20 USD

You save 70% ~153.22 USD

Phuket 3 Days Pass ~110.98 USD
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1. This Pass is valid upon activation and will expire at 11:59 p.m. on the last day (depending on the Pass duration).
2. This Pass cannot be exchanged for cash.
3. This Pass cannot be refunded.
4. You can pick any benefits to redeem in this Pass, it can be just one redemption per branch only.
5. If you have a single account, you cannot activate the same Pass while the other one is already being activated.
6. TAGTHAi reserves the right to change the conditions without prior notice.
7. The purchased Pass before activation will expire within 180 days, effective on the purchase date.
Phuket Day Pass
~95.18 USD
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