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Chiang Mai Elephant Lover Pass

Elephants are the sacred animal of Thailand and are very important to the Thai people and are very popular around the whole world. Nowadays, we still use them in various ceremonies in all parts of Thailand including; Oridination Ceremonies, The Yearly Water Festival (Which you may know as "Songkran," which takes place in the middle of April.) They are a very important animal in our Thai culture. There are many Elephant Sanctuaries in Thailand that educate tourists about their behaviour and how we can protect them (Cruelty Free!.) If you purchase this pass, you have the choice to see our magnificent animals in any of our beautiful locations around Thailand.

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Chiang Mai Massage Pass

After a long day of experiencing beautiful nature and eating delicious Thai food, what sounds better than a traditional Thai massage? A Thai massage is favoured and requested by tourists all over the world because of it's calming effects and body healing qualities. Without any effort, you can be pampered by any Thai massage specialist with a massage type of your choice. Is your back sore? Are your feet sore? Do you need to stretch your body? This can all be done by any Thai massage specialist when you tell them whatever you request! You can find many different massage parlours around the whole country. It's your choice how you would like to heal and relax your body.

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Bangkok Foodie Pass

Wondering what is the best food in Bangkok? This is our ultimate list of what to eat in Bangkok, including all the Bangkok food options you absolutely have to try. We are an expert and exploring Bangkok’s culinary scene intensively, so we can assure you that this list only features dishes loved by locals and served at famous restaurants. Trust us, after looking at this pass, you’ll know all the top foodie secrets the Thai capital has to offer.


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