Itinerary in Bangkok: 10 Must-Dos for a Fraction of the Cost

Make the most of your time in Bangkok. TAGTHAi’s new Bangkok Premium Pass gives you access to countless attractions. Here’s an example itinerary in Bangkok.

clock30 January 2024
Philipp Meier
6 min read

An itinerary in Bangkok doesn’t have to revolve around “One Night in Bangkok,” as Murray Head’s chorus goes. There’s plenty to do in Thailand’s capital in the daytime, too: tuk-tuk rides through the Old City; temples that glitter in the sunshine; and panorama views of the city from the rooftop bars, to name just a few. Here’s what to do in Bangkok in the day – all activities listed here (and more) are included in TAGTHAi’s Bangkok Premium Pass, available for an affordable flat fee.

1. CABB VIP Taxi 

(price *without* the pass: $43.63)

A comfortable VIP taxi ride comes right on cue after a long flight when your back and feet might hurt. No haggling and no queues at the taxi rank. Instead, you catch the smell of leather and sit back as you enjoy the cool air-conditioning. You also get decent privacy. There’s a thick Perspex partition with split air-conditioning between you and the driver.

2. Riri Cafe.BKK 

(price *without* the pass: $6.69)

Riri Cafe serves tasty iced lattes and flat whites, teas like iced Oolong peach tea, and mocktails like floral raspberry soda. Just as yummy are desserts like the soft ganache chocolate cakes and the Signature Riri Dirty Coffee. Love drip coffee? The barista is happy to talk about the available beans. TAGTHAi’s benefit at Riri Café includes one of the various sets. You can choose an iced latte with a sandwich, or an iced americano with a cake or a sandwich.

3. Tuk-Tuk Hop 

(price *without* the pass: $11.63)

Slow, loud, but fun, the unmetered, motorized three-wheel taxis called tuk-tuks are a must-do on a Bangkok one-day trip. Riding around  Rattanakosin Island near the Chao Phraya River, you will pass religious monuments such as the expansive Wat Pho temple complex, known for its golden, 15-meter-tall and 46-meter-long Reclining Buddha. You will also see many street kitchens and get an idea of life for the locals as you travel in a roofed, partly open-air taxi.

4. Monet & Friends Alive 

(price *without* the pass: $28.80)

Are you an art lover? A key forerunner of modernism thanks to painting nature as he saw it, the French artist Claude Monet pioneered impressionist painting. Impressionism, an artistic movement that emerged in France in the 19th century, has since been one of the most influential styles in Western history. Get a Bangkok Premium Pass and save yourself the entrance fee to the Monet & Friends Alive Bangkok at ICONSIAM. One of the unique things to do in Bangkok is the art exhibition Bangkok ends on 14 February this year.

5. Somtamnua Central World 

(price *without* the pass: $20.22)

A must on your itinerary in Bangkok is Somtamnua, an authentic Thai restaurant specializing in Thai-Isaan fare, including Som Tam. Known among foreigners as papaya salad, Som Tam is a sour mix of green papaya slices, shrimp, peanuts, cherry tomatoes, garlic, palm sugar, fish sauce, lime juice, and hot pepper. While you can get several versions of Som Tam at this restaurant, all are sweet, sour, spicy, and salty.

6. PANPURI WELLNESS at Gaysorn Village 

(price *without* the pass: $21.81)

One of the most relaxing things to do in Bangkok Silom, Panpuri Wellness is different than massage parlors elsewhere in Bangkok. From Akasuri Body Scrub which targets dead skin cells to the Onsen which reduces fatigue and relieves muscle pain, PANPURI is a wellness retreat in the middle of Bangkok. Overlooking Bangkok’s skyscrapers, the Onsen is included in the Bangkok Premium Pass, and that means you’ll get to enjoy the seasonal bath, the soda bath cold plunge pool, the vitality pool, the steam room, and the Himalayan salt sauna in the bargain.

7. Flower Worship Redemption Center at the Erawan Shrine

(price *without* the pass: $3.49)

If you could use some luck in your life, check out Erawan, one of the best things to do in Bangkok for a day. Popular with Thais, Erawan is said to improve people’s lives. It’s one of the nine shrines of Ratchaprasong, following the concept of the lucky nine. While you could spend money on sweet jasmine garlands, you can get a free marigold flower set at the Flower Worship Redemption Center next to Erawan Shrine. Just produce your unique TAGTHAi QR code.

8. Erawan Tea Room 

(price *without* the pass: $6.17)

The name suggests it: Erawan Tea Room is for tea connoisseurs, offering teas like butterfly-pea flower tea served with rice crackers and a coconut dip. Or get a Thai iced tea for free as one of the benefits of TAGTHAi’s Bangkok Premium Pass.

9. King Power Mahanakhon SkyWalk 

(price *without* the pass: $37.81)

Get on the hydraulic glass elevator, one of the world’s fastest video-themed lifts, and look forward to walking in the air at King Power Mahanakhon SkyWalk, 314 meters above ground level. On the 78th floor, there’s a hair-raising glass deck to walk on, the only thing between you and the void below. Traveling with TAGTHAi, you can choose from a junior or senior ticket, or a daytime or nighttime adult ticket worth $37.81. The nighttime view when the city glitters in a sea of lights is particularly amazing.

10. Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium 

(price *without* the pass: $52.36)

A list of the 10 best things to do in Bangkok wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium, the oldest Thai boxing stadium in the world. Here, you can watch a real, heart-pounding Muay Thai fight in Bangkok. After all, Rajadamnern is where the martial art and combat sport was born.

Showing up here without the TAGTHAi pass would set you back $55. With it, you can jump the ticket queues and get in for free as it’s included in the City Pass, as are countless other attractions. This itinerary in Bangkok is worth $232.61. The Bangkok Premium Pass, however, is available for a flat fee of $99.

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